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joe588 11-06-05 07:24 AM

Problem with 6800
Hi guys, I recently bought a geforce 6800 (not gt or ultra), and it dosnt work. It's the PCI-E version. When ever I install the drivers (doesnt matter which drivers I install - official, windows version etc) the computer crashes. Shortly after I get a blue screen message saying something like machine_check. Am I right in thinking that this card does not need an extra power cable plugged in? I can't find anywhere on it to plug it in....

I bought card off ebay so I dont have the manual or anything. My specs are...

3000+ venice 64,
GeForce 6800,
512mb Ram
Ati chipset RS480 motherboard (optronix)

Thanks alot, Joe

Saibot 11-06-05 04:00 PM

Re: Problem with 6800
Does the motherboard have onboard graphics? If so then you might have to get into the bios and disable it if that's possible. I don't know anything about that board, but I guess you might have nVidia and ATI graphics drivers fighting with one another. Just a thought.

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