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cougyr 08-10-02 08:33 PM

libGLU.so.1 missing
Well, I re-compiled my kernel and now I have modversions.h. Now I don't have libGLU.so.1. Where do I get that? Do I have to get a new mesa, whatever that is?

Thunderbird 08-11-02 03:46 AM

On most distro's libGLU is part of Mesa. So to get libGLU (and libglut) you need to have mesa. On the other hand mesa conflicts with the nvidia drivers (only libGL, libGLcore and libglx). The best what you can do is to extract the needed files by hand from the mesa package of your distro (.deb, .rpm ..)

cougyr 08-12-02 01:22 PM

Thank you. Question: is libGLU included in XFree86? Would I be smarter to upgrade XFree86?

Thunderbird 08-12-02 02:12 PM

LibGLU isn't part of xfree86.

cougyr 08-12-02 06:49 PM

Finally found it in xlibmesa. I just did an upgrade of xlibmesa and got my missing file.


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