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Kruno 01-05-03 02:23 AM

Judge my crap 3dmark
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This was with 6x FSAA and max IQ with 128 tap aniso at 1600x1200. ;)


poursoul 01-06-03 09:42 AM

That doesn't beat my 9514 marks w/ the same settings, and i would post a screen but a bird just flew in my window and made off w/ my "print screen" key. :( ;)

Kruno 01-06-03 10:02 AM

LMFAO!!! :p

Gargr 01-10-03 09:29 AM


Smokey 01-17-03 09:33 PM

Just out of interest, what cpu are you using? btw your nature score seems a bit low :eek:

Kruno 01-19-03 10:51 PM

Last I seen was that Nature scored 42fps on the R300 compared to 40 on the GeforceFX using lesser settings. ;)

P4 1.8GHz.

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