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zak smith 01-05-03 10:55 AM

Need Some Tweaking Advive
If anyone can give me some advice on how to tweak this further
without buying any new hardware.

only getting 7374 with 3dmark2002

specs are
Jetway A678AS
Xp 2100
Pc 133 256mb ram
Asus Geforce 3 64mb 8200
Scsi 36gig HDD
Nvida 41.42 dets

poursoul 01-06-03 09:46 AM

that's actually a good score for sdram and a crap motherboard. try upgrading those two things and you could be getting close to 12000!!!

btw: how the hell did you get 3D Mark 2002? Typo?

zak smith 01-06-03 12:58 PM

Hi sorry its 3dmark2001SE i no Jetway mobos a cheap
board only 46 but i ant gona buy new mobo yet, i had DDR ram
but it conflicted with the ram on my GF3 card so i guess ill wait a wile with wat ive got until Hammer comes out


zak smith 01-12-03 10:47 AM


stncttr908 01-12-03 12:25 PM

Hey at least your PCMark score should dominate with that SCSI drive. :afro:

zak smith 01-12-03 12:33 PM

Nether tried pcmark did not think it was as good as 3dmark is it worth givin it a go

Blakhart 01-12-03 03:38 PM

Your scores are in line with that cpu/vid card/sdram. Enjoy.

EciDemon 01-12-03 07:13 PM

While the memory might hold you back some you wont get close to 12000 points by upgrading just the memory, nope. Its the gfx card that is holding you back.

On my system i get around 9500 points with default 3dmarks settings and I use fast ram.
these are my specs: Xp 2400+ 512mb PC2700 Gf3 ti 200 @ 230/530 and a GA kt400 mobo.

A friend of mine with a xp2000, 512mb 266mhz and a ti4600 scores about just above 11000. So Im 100% sure that it is the gfx card...

Smokey 01-17-03 09:46 PM

Is that the Jeway MB thats blues and has DDR/SDR slots? If it is had that MB but changed it for the board I have now, I was thinking price at first then went to quality ;)

Anyways I did run some benchmarks when I had it and I can tell you that it is your motherboard that is the problem there. Changing nothing else other than the motherboard, gave me an extra 650+ points :eek: btw I was using DDR ram on the Jetway btw.

zak smith 01-18-03 10:31 AM

Hi Smokey yes i tend to agree but i clock my cpu a bit and now its 8050 so im happy with that until i get me hands on new Hammer chip

Smokey 01-18-03 01:22 PM


Originally posted by zak smith
Hi Smokey yes i tend to agree but i clock my cpu a bit and now its 8050 so im happy with that until i get me hands on new Hammer chip
good score, much better than your first one ;)

What have you overclocked your videocard to?

Here is my 8396 3dmarks on my 1800+ @1640MHz (now dead) with my video card @ 240/560

Blakhart 01-18-03 01:28 PM

If you have not done this already, and do not mind "cheating", go to d3d properties and set the mipmap detail settings to best performance, and make sure that aa and af filters are off.
This will bring a score increase if you have not tried this already.

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