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supyoscn 11-12-05 06:30 PM

6800 GT Memory problem??
Hey guys,

Hey I am curious if anyone has had this problem or something like it. Well the problem is my machine is not acting up to snuff in 3D games. What happens is when 3 or more monsters/characters are onscreen at once I get a lot of what looks like memory swapping/caching. I have looked at the LONG thread on Stuttering but I have a nforce2 board and it seems a lot of people have had problems with nforce3. The slowness/swapping has happened in Warcraft 3, FEAR, COD2, GUN, Path of NEO. I also believe my performance is taking a hit somewhere due to my 3dmark05 score of 3500. I have checked compariable rigs and they all hit mid 5000's.

I have tried to use nvidia ntune-nvperformance.exe to tune my memory for best performance, but when I try this I either get a lockup or my machine reboots. This is why I think the memory on the chip might be damaged...but could it be something else?? I am just seeing if anyone has an suggestions....not really wanting to spend a bunch of cash on a new videocard.

Lastly I have tried my roommates Geforce 4400 and Games like GUN, COD2 run a lot better on my machine with that card than my 6800. OTher games like FEAR and NEO don't run as well do to DirectX9 features and such.

My Machine

AMD XP 2600+
Geforce 6800 GT
1 Gig of Ram
Biostar nforce 2 board
Audigy 2 Soundcard

evilghost 11-12-05 08:04 PM

Re: 6800 GT Memory problem??
It's XP's piss-poor memory management. Search Google for the registry key "DisablePagingExecutive". This will remove XP's assinine tendency to page to disk when there is a plethora of physical memory available. I believe "LargeCache" is another key.

supyoscn 11-13-05 12:40 AM

Re: 6800 GT Memory problem??
Thanks for the suggestion but I did both changes in the reg and still no difference. I decided to redo both my nforce drivers and my forceware drivers tonight to see if there is any change. After installing both drivers again I still am getting the weird lag/cache/stuttering. It's starting to drive me crazy!!! I think my inital thought about the card's ram going bad has to be right. Is it possible for a card to function even with the memory going bad?? It's crazy I can still play all the games but the caching is just driving me nuts!! Any more suggestions or possibly a way that I could test the memory on the card? Thanks in advance!

Diamond_G 11-13-05 01:19 AM

Re: 6800 GT Memory problem??
Try turning FW off to see if it makes a difference.

BLOODUK 11-13-05 06:03 AM

Re: 6800 GT Memory problem??
supyoscn i get exactly the same symptons as you, albiet it looks like
an elastic band effect frames stone dive in areas that it shouldnt
be happening its really wierd.

Dont get any artifacts though

j0j081 11-13-05 06:46 AM

Re: 6800 GT Memory problem??
I think I know what you mean but it only happens to me when I'm playing certain texture intensive maps in CS:S. What is your agp apeture set to?

supyoscn 11-13-05 10:37 AM

Re: 6800 GT Memory problem??
I have tried all of the things posted on the stuttering thread which includes AGP aperture size (64,128,256), Fast Write (off,on), and a variety of tweaks to reg. The best example of my problem is in the new game GUN. Since the game is pretty open ended it allows you to transition from indoors to outdoors. Everytime I go from indoors to outdoors or vice versa I get a lag/stutter which seems to be caching/swapping of memory. It also is the same problem when multiple enemies are on screen like I said before. The problem is GUN has an engine that pales in comparison to most newer PC games. It doesn't have super nice textures and doesn't have any directx 9 effects. This is why it ran perfectly smooth on my buddies geforce 4400 in my machine with no stuttering/swapping. I am pretty stumped tried a bunch of stuff last night to no avail. I am really beginning to think the card is just going bad.

BLOODUK 11-13-05 12:44 PM

Re: 6800 GT Memory problem??
supyoscn i thought the same thing, i bought a 6600 as a test
waste of money did EXACTLY the same thing.

Never had it on my ati cards, wish id gone ati now
it was only the drivers that where crap with ati :(

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