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joltcola 08-10-02 10:48 PM

Advice on a CD-RW/DVD Player
I'm currently looking to purchase a DVD player, but it wouldn't hurt to have a CD-RW too, and I've noticed they have combos in a price I can afford. I was wondering if ya'all can suggest a brand and a model that has decent quality and price. I'm mainly looking for a DVD player , so please have suggestions for those, and for CD-RW/DVD player combos too.

Thanks for your help, I've seen selections on many online hardware stores, and just not sure whos good and whos not.

thx... jolt cola

zippermcfrag 08-11-02 12:59 AM

why can't you buy a good dvd-rom and cd-rw or do you have to have a combo drive?

prydah 08-11-02 02:25 AM

i havent paid much attention to combo drives like that because the speeds r slower than what u can get separately and u pay alot for just one drive that come with slow speeds and may not be that stable. even if i could afford it i wouldnt buy one but only if i wanted to use up just one drive bay maybe??

in a laptop i might go for a combo drive but then again not.
and that's because i dont expect to be burning discs while im out and about with my laptop but watching dvd movies on the go would be good.

joltcola 08-11-02 02:30 AM


Originally posted by zippermcfrag
why can't you buy a good dvd-rom and cd-rw or do you have to have a combo drive?

I'm not sure.. I just saw them when I was looking for DVD players, so I thought I'd ask about them

Probably a better bet just to get them separate.


-- Jolt Cola

netviper13 08-11-02 08:45 PM

Definitely would be better to buy them separate.

nos 08-12-02 01:33 AM

i would recommend a lite-on dvd and a lite-on cdr/w drive, both are cheap and fast and both fully support clonecd

joltcola 08-12-02 02:25 AM

I took ya'all's advice , gone ahead and decided to purchase them separate. I orded a Lite-On DVD drive , from newegg.com. 41.00 including shipping. I"ve always hurd good stuff about lite-on and it seems like everyone recommends them. So, first the DVD , and later I'll get the burner, since its not THAT important.

Take it easy, and thx for everyones help

-- Jolt Cola

joltcola 08-15-02 07:20 AM

Hey all... I'd thought I'd go ahead and update this post. I recived my DVD drive in my mail today. Installed easily, and the software that came with it was decent. Didn't have any trouble. Now I get to watch movies at work =)

Also, would like to ask, what software out there , do people use for their dvd drivers?

Take ite easy

-- Jolt Cola

Matthyahuw 08-15-02 10:16 AM

Use PowerDVD XP, or NVDVD, but it's not as feature-rich as PowerDVD...

saturnotaku 08-15-02 10:22 AM

PowerDVD XP all the way. It's easy to use with an intuitive interface and hotkeys. Image quality is quite good on NVIDIA cards, especially my laptop.

joltcola 08-16-02 05:50 AM

Thank you very much for your help, i love this forum! =)

-- Jolt Cola

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