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vladabas 01-06-03 06:17 AM

Hi, I've done all as you said and installed driver for my GeForce4 MMX440. I had run tux racer to try it and it worked!
Problem was when I started some app my KDE crashed. I could move my mouse, bud couldn't do anything else(not even kill app) so I had to reboot my computer. Then I've get back generic driver, and everything was like before. Drivers didn't match my kernel. I have 2.4.18 -14 and it was 2.4.18-18. I didn't use src because i don't have kernel haders. What should I do?

Wolfman [TWP] 01-06-03 08:31 AM

You will need to install the kernel source for your version of the kernel. Plus possibly the Glib source. As you will be better to compile the src's for your current version of the kernel. Plus it's better doing it this way as when the kernel needs to be updated (Wether for bug corrections, security fixes etc) you can recompile the src's for the new version without having to download the new updated driver version (For your kernel) IF it becomes available. The only time the new driver will be needed to be downloaded is when there is a new version which fixes some bugs in the previous version or has some performance stuff done to it etc...

mtrr 01-07-03 12:38 AM

glib-source? why the hell should they be needed?

installing the correct kernel headers should be enough to compile
the driver.
but I recommend installing kernel sources and building your kernel.


ps that way I never had to get upset about distro supplied kernel.

vladabas 01-08-03 06:41 AM

Thanks, but I know how to compile src. All I want to know is: Why it crashed? Was it because noncorrect driver,or something else.
I'll get everything I need and compile it. But real question is - what is better 3123 or this newest driver!

Wolfman [TWP] 01-08-03 06:54 AM

Sorry about the compiling stuff mixup. Which driver is the best will depend on your hardware setup. I have had no problems with either the 3123 drivers or the new one. I have found the 4191's to be a little faster. But other than that either driver works OK for me.

But others have found different results, which vary depending on their hardware config.

vladabas 01-10-03 10:15 AM

My configuration is
Intel pentium III 1200 MHz
Soltek motherboard
Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 440 64 Mb TV out
Monitor SAMSUNG SyncMaster 763MB

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