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overvolt 11-18-05 08:14 PM

Artifacts on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
Hello people .
I got the card before 4 days, i just got what ever was the latest driver from Nvidia ( i do not remeber the ver. right now,and i am far from home,so to look) .
So everything worked fine , the card works very well in games and benchmarks and OC ,very ..very... well .

BUT , i noticed that even at default speed there is one issue with Artifacts, at my desktop ,when the system wakes from sleep mode.
There are not that many , but there is a small coruption in icons colors, and at every software that uses even basic 3D functions , like winamp .
If ,i do a complete reboot , i am ok again, no problems .

I just got 5 or 6 versions of drivers to try.

Is that a common issue?
I was had an ATI 9600 for many years, and now i need some seminars about the Nvidia stuff. :)

Win2k Pro SP4

shoman24v 11-18-05 09:00 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
Put the machine to sleep again, let it artifact and tell us what the clocks are.

I had a laptop with a Mobility 9800 and if you put it to sleep with ATi Tool open it would raise the memory clocks to the max and would artifact the desktop.

Simple fix, don't put the machine to sleep.

overvolt 11-19-05 04:56 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
6800GT artifacts Fix

Hello again, I found the solution of my problem , it looks to be one large bug, related with the windows control panel ,and the NVIDIA s control panel .

I was lost for three days ,by don’t knowing where to start looking for solution.
I tested four drivers sets , and the problem was there .
I started to believe that , or I got a bad apple? Or, there is a hardware issue with my motherboard.

But I noticed accidentally, that some how , the refresh rate of my screen was different from the one, that I had set at “Display properties panel” ( I had set 85Hz) , and the system, at every waking from the sleep mode was running at 100Hz !!
I start to wonder, who sets new refresh rate, at my system other than me ?? !!
At the windows display properties – settings –advanced – resolution & refresh rate tab.. The refresh was at 100Hz .

By changing the refresh rate from this panel, to 85Hz , the problem solved for good.
This issue, does not have to do with my monitors refresh rate limits, my monitor goes even to 120Hz at 1024x768.
The point is that there is a problem between the windows control panel and the NVIDIA s , its like the driver to not know at every waking ,to were to set the refresh rate, (Even if you had set it at windows display properties –monitor Tab !! And at every waking from sleep mode , the NVIDIA driver was just unable to restore the proper timings.
1)At the monitors refresh rate
2)At the 6800GT memory controller (That’s why I got artifacts in a first place)

By making any adjustments directly on the NVIDIA s control panel , the driver is now directly informed of what to do , and yes it does execute your settings correctly.

I was for many years faith to ATI, and finally I took the decision to try my luck with the really great and famous NX6800GT .
Well, the hardware is really great, and the special made, MSI cooler too, but the software ??!!
Nice welcoming, you did to me NVIDIA.

Here is a photo of my box, at list now it works at it should be. :)


overvolt 11-21-05 05:42 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
Well it looks that my problem solved just momentarily, so I wrote an email to MSI, and I am waiting for reply...

Dear Sir or Madam .

I like to report one technical issue, about one video card that I got before one week .
GeForce 6800 GT _ BIOS Version

Model : NX6800GT-TD256(602-8966-010)
Serial No: 602-8966-010B0412123092
Part No : G57-CB00578

Before I start with the details , I like to say that I am a technical person 35 years old with in depth experience in computers hardware , as my job is to build computers.
Most at the times I troubleshoot the systems of the others , but now the problem it happen to me, and I have stuck .

Problem description : When the system restarts from the power saving mode ( Stand-By or Sleep ) , I have corruption at the 2D environment (Windows Desktop ), and also this 2D corruption , effects icons in the taskbar , and some 2D applications.
The corruption looks like , colored dots and colored lines at random places on my screen.
Also some of the icons, in the taskbar , they look distorted .

Current troubleshooting steps, done with out success .
1)Tested more than five versions of drivers .

2)The Motherboard fails to post the card from S3 mode (actually the system hangs, if I force it ( By the BIOS ) to re post the Video card Bios from the S3 power saving mode( when its time to wake the card ).
3)The video cards uses a non shared IRQ

4)The video card operates normally , only if the computer boots from a total power-off condition .

5)If the 2D corruption happen , the simple reboot , does not help, to cure the effect.

Additional information .
The video card operates normally at 2D and 3D, if the system did not fall in power saving mode .
The video card, is installed on the motherboard with the proper way , in to the AGP slot .
The system is not overclocked(not yet :D ), as Power supply, I use the HEC 520Watt.

P4 2.8C HT
ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe i875
1024MB Memory.

Personal Speculation of what causes the problem :
I believe that there is a BIOS Bug on the video card .
The 2D corruption happens because the card is unable to boot correctly at the factory memory settings, when it wakes, from the power saving mode.
Result , video memory timings become unstable, and cause corruption.

Unfortunately, I do not have Internet connection, at my current location , so I can not use the MSI Internet update, so to get a better BIOS , if there is, any .

Can you please advice me , of what to do ?
The only options that I can imagine , are :
1)To send me one new BIOS rom and flasher .
2)To return the card, at the retail channel, as bad .

It’s clear now to me, that it’s a pure hardware bug , and its not related to software, like drivers or operating system.

As further assist I send you one attachment with one image of the MSI screen panel, with all the details of the card type and in-depth specs.

Thanks in advance .

overvolt 11-23-05 12:24 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
Any ideas ? anyone ?

rohit 11-23-05 02:33 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
i dont understand, you got it fixed. then y you emailing 'em
btw, i too got 2wice the same icon artifacts wen the computer went in sleep mode. i had to reboot to fix it.
after that, i disabled sleep mode and now my comp either shuts down or stays awake. so i dont think its the 6800gt HW prob.

overvolt 11-24-05 12:40 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode

Originally Posted by overvolt
Well it looks that my problem solved just momentarily.

Well ...
It's clear now to me, that it's a pure hardware bug , and its not related to software, like drivers or operating system, or other hardware parts.
This computer setup, was unchanged for 11 months, with out stability problems, even overclocked to 14x236Mhz Bus ( 3.3GHz) .
Prior VGA card ATI 9600XT (Sapphire) , never had a problem with it.

If it's a 6800GT Bug , i am not sure, that i like to live with it.
I was had one super stable - problem free system, even OCed .

I do thanks you about your report, if all the 6800GT cards act the same , i will have to think double times, before i start an RΜΑ form.

But i still hope that there must be a solution to it , other Bios ? who knows ?!!

At MSI at first i made web based asking for help report, but i got nothing.
Now i emailed them too.

Is any other person with a 6800GT totaly healthy around, so to inform as with details of the healthy card ?? Bios ver ..etc etc ..

rohit 11-24-05 01:22 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
I had a ti4200 before my 6800gt, and im not too sure if it did the same thing.
i dont remember putting the ti4200 in sleep mode either.
Some other person needs to confirm this.
IMO, its a nvidia SW bug.

overvolt 11-25-05 09:21 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
Well i think that you are 50% right , about the bug .

I did not get any response from MSI .
So I did flashed the card with one similar firmware Version
Made by NVIDIA , well nothing changed , the problem is there too.

I am confused, as i have try everything and anything, in the Bios of my board .
Every possible, power management configuration.

No I am looking to Google, trying to find , NVIDIA’s 6800 cards power management specs .

Honestly I am trying to find every possible solution, so to not RMA the card, because it works so damn well with games.. :)

overvolt 11-27-05 02:20 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
come on !!!! ?? :confused:

There is not even one report,that the 6800GT sleeps and wakes normaly ??
Not even one !!

Any way i got none respont from MSI , i re-flashed the card to the original Bios.
I found that, if the card wakes bad, the by forcing the system to sleep and wake , 2 or 3 times , it does make a healthy waking,after all.

I will RMA the card, as i do not have a second one to try it and compare.
More of my friends gone to ATI solutions.

rohit 11-27-05 04:17 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
OK, as you wish.
Btw, you can request a few members here, who have the 6800GT to see if it happens with 'em.
i guess, the problem is v minor and every one doesnt put the comp to sleep. people prefer to shut it down completely or keep it up and running.
Btw, do you have another card (a geforce) to try.
I have the ti4200, its currently wit a friend. So ill try once it comes to me or i'll ask him to try.

overvolt 11-27-05 05:40 PM

Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode
Well about the test .

Testing another card , not a 6800GT is no the problem .

The problem is that i need another one 6800GT ..

To try my card in another PC .... Well this PC must have one very strong PSU.. and very few people have those ..

It poped to my mind, the idea to try a more powerfull PSU , or other brand PSU .
But i have all ready the HEC 525W !!

My second PC is One PIII 1000 with a VIA based board, i will probably kill it , if i try the 6800GT on it :D

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