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Roliath 11-22-05 08:46 AM

Quick WoW question (about guest pass)
Hey, fileplanet is offering a free 14(or 10day) trial to subscribers so I jumped and signed up for it.
I have my account created and everything and I am downloading the client right now.
but I have on quick question, in my latest Maxim magazine there was also a 14 day trial and I was wondering that when my 14 day trial is done with fileplanet, can I extend it with the 14 trial from maxim?

I'm completely new to this game and have no idea what to expect or what to do, so any tips on that would be appreciated aswell.

Tr1cK 11-22-05 08:58 AM

Re: Quick WoW question (about guest pass)
I don't believe you can extend the trial as the trials are extremely limited anyways. There is a level cap, a chat channel limit, trades are blocked, mail is blocked, and I dont know what else. I would advise you to get the real deal soon if you like it.

Also, remember that the first levels deffinetly dont represent the whole game. You wont get many of the key abilities until levels that are multiples of 10. Shamans get ghost wolf at 20, druids get travel form at 30, hunters get it at 20 I think, every class gets a mount at 40 (you have to buy it or a few have quests to get a mount). There are tons of other abilities you gain as you level, those just stick out the most as travelling is a big part of the game. The faster you travel, the faster you can get things done and level up.

We have a few WoW threads already you may want to skim through.
Worldofwarcraft.com has some good new player info.
WowWiki also is a great resource.

Rampant CL 11-23-05 01:08 AM

Re: Quick WoW question (about guest pass)
You cant use multiple free 'trials' as each one has a different key classed as a trial or demo key. After using the trial key you need to upgrade it witha retail key to continue on that account.

Altho, i should point out that not all trials are limited as mentioned above. I signed up with the recruit a friend offer, and didnt have any of the restrictions except 10 days of playtime... so, try to find a decent one.

Oh, and if you dont feel you like the game after the first 15 levels or so, scrap it, gameplay doesnt change in a mind boggling way, but play a few lvls after 10 so you can get talents n stuff.

GlowStick 11-23-05 12:46 PM

Re: Quick WoW question (about guest pass)
Hm thats pritty much true but at lvl 60 its a whole diffrent ball game, raids are diffrent you just cant zerg mobs, and the gear is what makes or breaks you for pvp.

here is a hawt video to pump you up

jolle 11-26-05 02:02 PM

Re: Quick WoW question (about guest pass)
How about Guest Accounts?
People who bought Collectors editions gets these Guest Accounts right?
how long are they? are they also subjected to the limits of mentioned Trial accounts? can I extend it to a full acount if I want to keep playing the "full game"? or will I have to create a new account with a new char if I decide to buy it?

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