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rob1234 11-22-05 10:34 PM

leadtek 6600gt maybe overheated and broke
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Almost a year ago I was on here asking about my msi 6600gt that was overheating the result of which was an rma for a leadtek 6600gt because all the msi ones in the store were overheating.

Anyway, I haven't really had a chance to play any games for longer than a few minutes until now. I was playing 7 sins for a couple of hours when my computer froze. Now every game I try looks like the attachment.

I have an sli setup so when that's on the black marks are only on half the screen and when I just use the good card they're gone completely.

The idle temperature for the broke card was 58 so I figure the card probably overheated and now there's nothing I can do. I tried putting a zalman vf700cu on it and it brought the idle temp down to 37 but the black marks are still there. I haven't tried measuring the load temp.

The only thing I haven't done is try different drivers but since one card works I figure that won't help. Does anyone have any suggestions before I go out and get a new card. Thanks.

rohit 11-23-05 02:56 PM

Re: leadtek 6600gt maybe overheated and broke
why get a new card? cant you rma?
You can try the bad card in another system, to be sure it really has a problem or no.

rob1234 11-23-05 03:50 PM

Re: leadtek 6600gt maybe overheated and broke
Yeah, I've spoken with leadtek and they sent me an rma number. I had tried contacting leadtek support a few times before about winfox errors and could never get a reply for them. So, I figured it would be a big hassle plus I was fed up with waiting. It seems I'm always rma'ing something. I can't remember in the last 5 years ever having a completely functioning computer.

Airbrushkid 11-23-05 03:56 PM

Re: leadtek 6600gt maybe overheated and broke
Wow sorry to hear that. I've only rma once in my, and that was because I order the wrong thing. I seem lucky. Computers work 24/7.

Rakeesh 11-23-05 04:05 PM

Re: leadtek 6600gt maybe overheated and broke

rob1234 11-23-05 04:52 PM

Re: leadtek 6600gt maybe overheated and broke
Just off the top of my head.

I've rma'd my last motherboard 3 times cause I had a bad powersupply that kept frying it. I rma'd my geforce2 video card a long time ago cause it was doa. With my current setup %80 of the time when I start my computer it won't recognize my diamondmax10 drive and I'll have to shut it on and off 20 times before it works. My left klipisch promedia speaker didn't work half the time for about 3 years until last month when I figured out that the control unit was just dusty inside. My razor mouse made a high pitched squeak every click from the plastic rubbing together. My msi 6600gt idle temp was 85. My hardcano13 had to be rma'd because the battery connection wasn't very good and it would keep resetting itself. My old floppy drive would corrupt any disk that you tried to use in it. I had a cd burner that broke. My xbox fried last month when the gpu fan stopped working. And, my roommates ferret ate my joystick buttons.

Anyway, I think I'll rma it tomorrow. Thanks for replies.

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