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Deelite 11-24-05 05:35 AM

Cant update my Asus V9999 6800GT 128Mb
Hello all,

I hope someone already encountered this problem...
I tried to update the driver of my Asus V9999 6800GT 128Mb but even if I install the latest driver from the Asus website (81.89) it crash...
- Latest driver from Nvidia : it crash :(
- Latest driver from the Asus webSite for V9999 series : it crash :(

The only driver that works fine is the one provided on the original CD in the bundle... but it's an old version now...

I found similar issues on the web from users wo have the same video card....

Any idea please ?

Thanks guys :)

My conf :
Athlon 64 XP3400+
Win XP SP2
Asus K8NE-Deluxe
2x512Mb Samsung
Asus V9999 6800 GT/AGP
+ SATA hard disks ;)

Lemur.fi 11-24-05 11:46 AM

Re: Cant update my Asus V9999 6800GT 128Mb
When I still used smartdoctor, I did driver update like this:

1. uninstall smartdoctor
2. uninstall asus enchanted drivers
3. uninstall nvidia forceware drivers
4. reboot
5. install nvidia forceware drivers
6. reboot
7. install asus enchanted drivers
8. install smartdoctor
9. reboot
10. tweak graphic settings

I got bored of that quite fast (and the smartdoctor was unstable) so I bought more silent fan to the card and use only the nvidia drivers.

I never had stability issues like you though. Have you tried it with only nvidia drivers and without that extra asus junk, like enchanted drivers and smartdoctor?

Deelite 11-24-05 01:59 PM

Re: Cant update my Asus V9999 6800GT 128Mb
Hello Lemur.fi ;)

Thanks for your advise :)

Finally I found the solution...
I completely uninstalled the previous driver (removing the video card component in control panel).
<Computer reboot>
Then... instead of reinstalling the latest driver from the directory (I mean : click-on setup.exe etc etc...), when the new device has been detected during the boot sequence I pointed on the Nvidia directory and the system installed the driver from there! BINGO !!! it works fine now :) :) !!!!

Finally I came to this conclusion :
The crash only occurs when installing the driver from his directory (Asus official driver or Nvidia Forcewave!) : setup.exe

Anyway thanks for your reply ! :)

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