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ata843 01-07-03 07:27 AM

nvidia RIVA128 (ASUS V3000)
Hi all!

I think, I beginning grow up, because I change my windows to a linux. : ) I have any problem with XFree86. I think this questien ask million times, but I haven't many time to read all "howto".
What can I do, when I get this error message:
(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration
Please help me!


Azt hiszem kezdek felnőni, mert lecserélem a windowsomat egy linuxra. : ) Nem tudom elinditani az XFree86-ot.
(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration
Ezzel az üzenettel találom szembe magam. : (
Ja, és nem menti el a beállításokat. Miért?
Remélem valaki érti majd amit leírtam, mert angolul se valami egyértelmű. : )


how 01-07-03 10:22 PM

Riva 128 is not listed as a supported card with Nvidia driver. you must use XFree86 drivers

ata843 01-08-03 04:23 AM

The Riva128 driver is in the list, I can choose it. Why?

how 01-08-03 06:46 AM

If you read the README that comes with the NVIDIA drivers you will see that it says

"Please note that the RIVA 128/128ZX chips are supported by the open
source 'nv' driver for XFree86, but not by the NVIDIA Accelerated Linux
Driver Set"

how 01-08-03 06:49 AM

If you are using XFree86 nv driver than make sure you setup your XF86Conifg file properly.
may be submit your XF86Config so I can have a look

ata843 01-08-03 07:39 AM

I use the linux since a week. I can't send the config file, because, I use the internet on Windows, I have a GPRS modem and the modem's system requirement is the windows. I dont know how can I a linux file transporting to the Windows. Can you help me in this too? : )
(Sorry, if my words are not understandable, but my english is very poor) : (

how 01-08-03 04:50 PM

write down the Screen section of the XF86Config file.
and tell me from Windows(connect to internet) what it is. Probably color depth or resoutions are wrong.

dave 01-09-03 09:43 AM

The file you want to check is most likely


In there, it should call the driver for your card. It should say

Driver "nv"

and not

Driver "nvidia"

If it says "nv" as it should, then you should check in the monitor section of that file to make sure that the refresh rates are specified correctly for your monitor. Only upon having verified those two things, will the Screen section be a more appropriate place to look.

ata843 01-10-03 07:41 AM

Yes, the nv is the current driver.
The XFree starts a very high resolution graphic mode. About 1700xsomething. I can set it an other resolution and I can save the changes, but something sets it back. My another problem is the linux isn't see my A4Tech PS/2 mouse.

ata843 01-10-03 03:45 PM

Here is the config:
Section "Device"
Identifier "Generic Video Card"
Driver "nv"
Option "UseFBDrv" "true"

Section "Monitor"
Identifier "Generic Monitor"
HorizSync "28-50"
VertRefresh "43-75"
Option "DPMS"

how 01-13-03 08:01 AM

check your monitor book for refresh rates. Horizontal and vertical.
Make sure they match with the XF86Config file.

ata843 01-15-03 02:59 PM

I set up the refres rate, but it isn't better. It's a hardware compatibility problem or my distribution is bad?

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