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Lord Blackdrago 01-07-03 10:16 AM

how do I add a snapshot to a new thread???
I been looking at the faq and can't for the life of me add a snapshot so i can explain my problem better.

I see it's [img]whatever[/img]

but when i type in what i want i get no image.

this is what i tried

[img] http://home/lashaun/snapshot1.png [/img]
[img] http://snapshot1.png [/img]

can anyone enlighten me on what's going on??
thank you

Lord Blackdrago 01-07-03 12:01 PM

Nevermind i got it.

Wrawrat 01-07-03 01:05 PM

Eh. We can't access http://home/lashaun/snapshot1.png and
http://snapshot1.png... because the first one looks only accessible from your machine, and the second is invalid. Maybe that's why there was no image.

Lord Blackdrago 01-07-03 01:50 PM

no no.. I got it :-).

I needed it for my other post
which talk's about my color problem :-(.

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