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magf 01-07-03 04:02 PM

RenderAccel freezes my Geforce2 go (Toshiba 2805-S402)
Besides the problem with nautilus (slows down the system), now i can't use "RenderAccel" Option because it freezes my laptop. :(

Is anyone having this problem with a Geforce2 go ??

how 01-07-03 09:02 PM

yes, it crash on mine too.
RenderAccel is experiemental and is unstable. That is the reason it was disable by default.

grmoc 01-08-03 10:13 AM

Slow glPixelZoom???
I don't remember glPixelZoom being slow in 3123, but in the new driver, it can take half a second (!!!!) to do a glCopyPixels(0,0,720,486) when glPixelZoom(1,-1) has been called.


takes half a second.

There is no good reason for this, glPixelZoom(1,-1) should be optimized, and I believe that it -was- before.

You know of any way around this? It is quite annoying to have to see video and our graphics upside down.

how 01-08-03 03:40 PM

well... I don't know programming but both 3123 and 4191 are slow in opengl for my XP1800+ G2mx 400.
Don't know why? I think driver bugs. Its slow in several other areas.

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