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jayesh15 11-27-05 04:31 PM

Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!
hey, first off my system specs are:

amd64 3500+ processor
1gb PC2100 ddr ram (2 x 512mb sticks)
120gb and 60gb hard drives
AGP nvidia gerforce 6800 (with all 16 vertex pipelines opened with no problems)
Asus A8V motherboard (not the delux version)

basically my pronlem is that games performace is slow, there is sumtimes lag. i have need for speed most wanted, so does my friend who has a sempron 3000+, 1gb ram and 6600GT, and his runs smoother than mine. could it be that he has 3 ram sticks running in dual channel mode. mine only run in single channel, i have tried all diferent slots, its probs because they are cheap makes.

basically is it my graphics card or my ram that is causing these slowdowns in games. because i know its not my processor.

also just did a Ram test in SIS Sandra, and i only got 1876MB/s. i'v seen such higher scores than that.

what am i doing wrong?

in 3dmark03 i get:

with 16 pipelines enabled and 360/760 speeds: 10174

my cpu score is 622

there doesnt seem to be any REAL speed improvement over my old system, Pentium 4 2.66ghz and the rest o the components r the same (apart from motherboard).

with my old system i got just over 9000 in 3dmark03.

is there any bios that runs it better? my friends 6600GT runs NFS:most wanted better than me, mines all jerky in some places.



jayesh15 11-27-05 05:40 PM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!

overvolt 11-27-05 05:43 PM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!
Well bump as much you like .
If you do not post your drivers rev , do not hope for help.

chowells 11-27-05 05:44 PM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!
Are you trying to break the record for bumping? It's really not needed 69 minutes after the last post.

"with all 16 vertex pipelines opened with no problems"

How do you know that isn't causing the problem?

Peoples-Agent 11-27-05 05:47 PM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!
He has 1GB of ram , three sticks but in dual channel mode?
How does that work? .....
Check the graphical settings and driver versions your friend is using, NFS:MW is a very demanding game. If your 3DMark posts are high enough, then look towards the game settings itself or the display drivers you are using.

jayesh15 11-27-05 08:30 PM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!
the 1gb of ram he has is in 3 slots, 2 of the ddr sticks run in dual channel mode. 2x256mb and 1x512mb. and i am using the latest nvidia drivers, forceware 81.95.

rohit 11-28-05 02:42 PM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!
-Try a different set of drivers. Any of the 7x.xx ones.. prfrebly 76.44, 78.xx etc. Check if things are smoother.
- Are the two of you having same resolutions..? (or he is gettin better fps on a lower res.)
- Borrow his ram-sticks ( 2 of 'em) and try on yur system. if things look smoother, you knw whats wrong ;)

and what PSU/smps do you have? whats the +12v rating on it?

jayesh15 11-28-05 04:37 PM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!
hey, i have tried his ram sticks on mine but he only had 2x256mb ram sticks that worked in dual channel. so only had 512mb in att he time i tested the difference. it seems to make things a little better yeh.

i will try the other drivers. and my power suply is antec truepower 430w. not sure about the +12v rating is att he moment. i will try finding the and check.


deimos47ca 11-29-05 03:17 AM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!
You may have overlooked something simple:
  • your friend is using performance or quality in nVidia driver, whereas you are using high quality... turning those nVidia optimizations takes quite a hit.
  • are you using exactly the same game settings?.. perhaps he could send you the system.cfg or settings.ini or whatever the game uses.
  • are you sure the unlocked ps and vs are 100.0000% perfect. Just because rivatuner let you do it, it doesnt mean its fine. You need to carefully test with many many games and demos. At very least 3dMark2003 and 3dMark2005... if you get ANY graphical anomalies that weren't there before unlocking, then you got damaged good... sometimes it causes performance to fall
  • how is your cooling? Driver/rivatuner might say "only" 60C but perhaps thats because the chip is throtling the speed down. Also make sure you have proper contact with the heatsink... I've had a problem where temps seemed fined, but games mysteriously locked up after a few hours... all it takes is a single grain of sand.
  • are you sure there isn't anything sucking up the juice, like IM, ICQ, Norton, etc...
  • check your BIOS and make sure you didn't set something stupid like AGP Aperature = 32MB, or for 6800, fastwrites =on. AGP Aperature should be as large as possible (at very least the size of your video memory), and fastwrites should definetly be off.. double check with rivatuner that it stays off.

jayesh15 11-29-05 07:27 AM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!
the settings in game are the same yes. and my extra 4 pipelines work great. my vertex shader caused artifacts when overclocked to 380 core so i left that. my current overclock is 385/910 and thats stable.

i dont have throttling issues as i have set the 2d and 3d speeds the same and all at 1.4v.

why is it that i have to turn fastwrites off? i thought that makes things run faster?

and what should it set in my nvidia driver properties? high performace? or only performance?



rohit 11-29-05 11:40 AM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!
Recomended: Quality. There isnt much of a difference between Quality and Hi-Quality.

What about Ad-wares, Spywares etc.. have a look in processes running.

Wen you unlock the extra pipes, the card may behave bad in some areas. o you could try disabling FastWrutes from RivaTuner. if it makes a difference..who knows.

Your PSu is fine.

Whats his ram..pc 3200? or pc 2100.. (what make)

Salamandar 11-29-05 12:20 PM

Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!

Originally Posted by jayesh15
the 1gb of ram he has is in 3 slots, 2 of the ddr sticks run in dual channel mode. 2x256mb and 1x512mb. and i am using the latest nvidia drivers, forceware 81.95.

That's so wrong.....you are not running dual channel.

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