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Chummer 01-07-03 04:42 PM

ASUS A7M266-D motherboard and GF4 Ti 4200
Does anyone out there have this configuration running with an SMP kernel? I am having a little trouble getting OpenGL apps to run under this configuration.

A non-SMP kernel runs great, but what's the point if you cannot use the 2nd processor.

Lord Blackdrago 01-07-03 04:54 PM

I don't have the same "setup" but i do understand one thing. I'm not here to help you with your problem but let you know that alot of "Graphical Programs" don't use 2 cpu's. To put in short words if your tring to run a app ( unreal tournament 2003, a openGL screensaver, or a 3d maker program ) that don't support smp ( or dual processing ) then 9 times out of 10 it's not going to work. But I understand your dillma and wish you a safe journey. And another thing check your configuration... it doesn't take ( and i think linux thinks this too ) 2 cpu's to run a OpenGL app, but to process information faster? yes. :-) good luck.

Chummer 01-07-03 05:05 PM

Yeah, the app has to use several threads in order to get a performance boost, and many do not. I am not running several OpenGL apps at the same time, but I have read of people running UT on SMP boxes and getting a slight boost since sound runs in a separate thread. I cannot get it to run at all.

Well hopefully something will crop up and help.:)

Lord Blackdrago 01-07-03 07:05 PM

Hey check this out. I was doing some reading around a min ago to see if I can help alittle and found a doc that might be good to read.


Statement you said about the sound running on separate thread is something that i should read about. I still think that the program need to be programmed in a dual processor environment but i think that I could be wrong as all out door :-( so i have to read more on programming in a dual processing environment :-(. Man i have to stop my reading on NBNS ( NetBIOS Name Server :-( ) for a min.

check out the link :-) i think it might be helpful.


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