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zarin 11-27-05 08:06 PM

Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
I had a very nicely working TwinView setup.. I had the center 800x600 viewport of my CRT cloned onto my TV...

I am using a Linux From Scratch built system.. nVidia G-Force 2 MX 440 card.. I saved my X config, and just upgraded the NVidia driver to the .7676 version.. Now it is telling me that none of the modes are valid.

Known issue or is there something i should look at changing / fixing?

What do you all need to look into this? X Configs? Error logs?

Thanks all!

. Robert

netllama 11-28-05 11:43 AM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
Please start X with the following command:
startx -- -logverbose 5

and then generate and post an nvidia-bug-report.log.

Also, which driver version were you using previously that didn't have this problem?


zarin 11-28-05 12:22 PM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
1 Attachment(s)
Prior to the upgrade, I was using .7167

I'll attach the error log here. Hopefully it helps someone. Thanks!

netllama 11-28-05 12:34 PM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
I have a few questions:
0) Why are you using the ConnectedMonitor option?
1) You don't have a default depth specified, and you've commented out all the modes for the 24bpp depth. Can you try fixing that?
2) Did you start X with the command I requested?

Can you post a bug report against 1.0-7167 where this same xorg.conf worked?


zarin 11-28-05 01:19 PM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
3 Attachment(s)
Ok - here we go. I used the ConnectedMonitor string because without it the card does not detect the TV as connected. If I roll back to the older drive,r it all works again. I had edited out the modes and default depth etc trying to get the new driver working - I reverted the config.....

I started X with the old driver, and original config, ad it worked fine, including TV (bug log attached). I upgraded the driver, and tried to start X - would not start - no useable screens. (Log also attached) I then removed the connectedmonitor string, and tried to load X gain - it loaded, but did not detect the TV, thus, there is no picture there. (Log for this also attached)

As for starting X with the command, yes, I used
startx -- -logverbose 5
for all attempts.

Thanks so much for the help! If I have to, I will revert to the older driver, but, the fact that it used to work, and does not now bothers me somewhat.

. Robert

netllama 11-28-05 02:03 PM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
Thanks. It looks like the real problem here is that your TV isn't being detected at all, and even with ConnectedMonitor in 1.0-7676 it fails.

Can you please try testing the following (with 1.0-7676):
* Add the ConnectedMonitor option back in as you were doing with 1.0-7167
* Add the int10 X module to your X configuration, and test again to see if that makes any difference.
* Next try changing your first MetaMode to:
and add the following option:
Option "TwinViewOrientation" "Rightof"


zarin 11-28-05 03:11 PM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
Re-added ConnectedMonitor string.. Included int10 module.. No change.
Changed the modelines and the tiwnview orientation.. Still no change. Same results (screens found, but none useable error)

netllama 11-28-05 04:19 PM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
If you reboot with nothing but the TV connected, what happens when X attempts to start with 1.0-7676?


zarin 12-16-05 09:06 PM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
With just TV connected, I get the same errors as above - screens detected, but none useable.

(Sorry for the delay in post, I just finished application procceess etc. for Dell Canada - was a hectic few weeks there)

Thanks again, Robert

netllama 12-16-05 09:13 PM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
Does this problem exist with 1.0-8174 too?


zarin 12-28-05 05:41 AM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?
No Sir. Problem solved now - Thank you so very much.

(Now, off to find tools to stretch the screen and get overscanning working on the TV again)


cpagan8858 12-28-05 03:19 PM

Re: Loss of working TwinView (CRT/TV) after upgrade?

I must have missed something here. Was the final "resolution" to down-grade from .8178 to .8174 ?? Or was the "resolution" to only hook up the TV (I assume via the S-Video connection)? Either one sounds like a workaround instead of a resolution to me. Either way is fine as long as the issue gets documented somewhere.

I've been following this thread because I can't get my TV-Out to work with MythTV. Although it works fine with the on-board VGA (nForce4 chipset MB).

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