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fozzythebear 11-28-05 01:07 AM

Missing lib?
I am running Freebsd 6.0 Stable, with a Geforce 6800 128 meg card, with the lastest Xorg.

I followed the directions to play Neverwinter Nights here: http://bsdvault.net/article.php?sid=773

And when I type "ldd nwmain" I noticed there is a third missing library:
libGLU.so.1 => not found

I think this is why alot of openGL programs aren't working and crashing, how can I fix this?

Hmmm when I run ldd on glasteroids, another game I have, it finds that lib

Harvey Pooka 11-28-05 06:41 PM

Re: Missing lib?
Those instructions are out-of-date. On 5.4 with an up-to-date ports tree, I did not install linux_mesa but linux_dri instead. I installed the nVidia driver and nwnclient from ports.

Looking at the linux-nwnclient port, I see the proper thing to do is to install it this way to have all of the necessary libraries:
make WITH_NVIDIA_GL=yes install

zander 11-29-05 03:51 AM

Re: Missing lib?
For clarification, the GL utility library, libGLU, is not included with the NVIDIA graphics drivers.

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