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rsrtfm 11-28-05 03:41 PM

NVIDIA support? what support? black screen?
when will NVIDIA stepup to the plate?

there a few major linux distributions, what have this bug, (black screen)
and there is no clear support, or fix,...
regular users , waht to be able to do an online update, and that's it.
not jump through forums, and chace unoffical patches or drivers,
and manually try things.

suse has rpms and online update,...there is redcarpet, apt get, you name it,
with less than 10 major distributions, probably millions of linux users could be fixed.

here is a litle note I got from asus.....
Unfortunately we have no support for the open source OS you are using at this time as we have not recieved driver information from Nvidia or the other embedded chipset manufacturers if you will continue to monitor our website and thos of the chipset manufactuerers we will post the drivers as soon as we have them .
well, the 6150, nforce 430, is the continuation of the 6100, 410,...
nothing ? good lord. how many times do we have to die, to be resurected,...

nvidia tackled the integrated graphics market, since Intel with their 915 chipset, is number one, and has the biggest growth,....
now my laptop with the 915 chipset, works fine, and nvidia don't,...
at this point, I'd say, stay away from any NFORCE chipset if you useing linux,
for 3D apps , a quadro, with redhat, might do, other than that,
have a dump VGA card ready,...not really,...
between, kernel source, Xorg, nvidia, linux distributions, and hardware vendors, right now it's a big mess .....
since most users, use standard kernels, why not a standard kernel patch,
replace a bunch of files, be done.
-... recall on sun os, binding a new scsi card in, and just copy the new kernel, to the other machines, with the same card.....

enough for now, cheers for the couple of nvidia support guys trying to put out fires, maybe we got to lockup the managment, with some the nvidia customers in one cell, till it gets worked out,....30.000 to 1 ratio ,....
or maybe have nvidia card donated, for a celebration fire, see how high the pile gets, how high the smoke will rise....

thanks for the steam, still don't run 3D or X, cheers, Robert Schultz

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