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Freedevil 11-29-05 06:42 AM

What is the Status on FreeBSD AMD64?
Time and time again i see people requesting nvidia drivers for amd64. I still dont see a suitable answer from nvidia. What is the delay how many more years do you need? The least nvidia should do is give an answer to the community and all those people who have been waiting for so long. We cant do much as consumers except beg and request for drivers. I just think its about time nvidia let us know about the status of the drivers.

BrakezoneII 05-17-06 04:39 PM

Re: What is the Status on FreeBSD AMD64?
I'm hoping that someday freebsd/nvidia can release something on this.

Like many other people who visit this forum, I would also like an nvidia driver for freeBSD amd64. There was some talkin another thread that there will be a nvidia amd64 freebsd driver when freebsd 7.0 goes release.

I don't particularly think it is goning to have the biggest impact in the world if they do or do not get a driver together. In the long run, I think that as 64-bit becomes more mainstream, that the demand for the driver will become even greater.

MPCM 06-11-06 10:25 PM

Re: What is the Status on FreeBSD AMD64?
A fair number of people would like to see these, and you can count me as one of them, hopefully well before FreeBSD 7.0.

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