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Delta.Root 11-29-05 06:17 PM

LVIDIA Quadro2 Pro GPU and Red Hat Linux
I am running Red Hat Enterprise WS 3 on a Dell PWS-330 with a Quadro2 Pro card. The monitor is a Dell 1905FP using the digital connection to the video card.

Does anyone know the most recent legacy driver release that supports this card? I want to get something stable, but the latest release says it won't recognize this GPU.

Thanks, Delta

Delta.Root 11-29-05 11:58 PM

Re: LVIDIA Quadro2 Pro GPU and Red Hat Linux
While wandering near-aimlessly across the various driver downloads, I finally found a comment in a readme file that points to the 7174 release as the last one that supported my Quatro2 Pro.

I downloaded and installed that without a hitch. I made the recommended changes to XF86Config, and loaded the Dell 1905FP INF file from Windows.

Things are working very nicely now, thank you very much. Digital video is cool.


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