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JamesDax 11-30-05 06:53 PM

Any reviews on this card anywhere? And how much faster then the 6600GT can this card be??

And why the new lineup of 6 series cards instead of bring out low end 7 series? We now have a 6600 c/ DDR2 thats almost as fast as a 6600GT when overclocked. A 6800XT which that sits between the 6600GT and 6800NU. And a 6800GS that sits between the 6800NU and the 6800GT. Where the heck are the 7200's and 7600's???

Well, atleast the 6800XT is availible in AGP unlike the 6600 DDR2 and 6800GS.

slick 11-30-05 07:40 PM

Re: 6800xt???
It has 8 pipes, but sits on a slower core (350mhz I think?), but it has 256mb/256-bit DDR3 (The XFX does at least) on it. I want to see a direct comparison myself. I am building a budget gaming PC for a friend and I want to know whats better, faster clock or more memory.

mx125race 11-30-05 07:51 PM

Re: 6800xt???
There probably won't be 7600's and 7200's because that is equivalent to a 6800GT. Or even less...

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