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Nykolas 08-11-02 05:09 AM

Problem with GLX(?)
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I have some problems when installing new nVidia drivers.
I'm using Xfree86 4.2.0. Using it with proprietary nv driver working quite fine. But when I have installed nvidia drivers (.tar.gz files)
X server falls down. (screen freezes and it is refreshed only after reboot)

The XFree86.0.log file contains lines:
> (II) [GLX]: Calling GlxExtensionInit
> Fatal server error:
> Caught signal 11. Server aborting
(XFree86.0.log file is attached to this message)
When I start X without glx module, there is no problem.

What's wrong?

cake 08-12-02 09:15 AM

Did you run the switch2nvidia and switch2nvidia_glx scripts? These should make some changes to config files.

Nykolas 08-12-02 12:52 PM

Where do I get these scripts?
Which config files to change?


Thunderbird 08-12-02 02:09 PM

You already changed the needed stuff. (XF86Config-4)

Nykolas 08-12-02 02:24 PM

Yes, I have followed all steps from README file(s).
I realy know, what to change in XF86Config-4 but It still not workes. Is there any confict with old libGL* library?
There is not many things to do with my old (dist. orig.) kernel... :)

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