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grmoc 01-08-03 11:44 AM

Anyone know where to find docs for GL_NVX_ycrcb
my X-server lists GL_NVX_ycrcb as an extension.
I'm looking for docs on it (as we do display 8 and 10 bit YCrCb video).

Any clues where they could be found?

It would appear to be a color target, but is there any more info on it or the caveats of using it?

merlin42 01-09-03 09:37 AM

SGIX_ycrcb maybe?!?!
You might want to look at:


at least that is the closest I could find.

What video card are you using, and how did you find that particular string?

using the ever popular strings command I was able to locate GL_NVX_ycrcb inside libGL libGLcore and libglx, but it doesnt show up when I do glxinfo.

grmoc 01-10-03 11:37 AM

Hmm.. I'm not sure, it is either the 980XGL (quadro4) or the GeForce4.

Thanks, I'll look into that.

morgoth 03-05-03 11:57 AM

GL_NVX_ycrcb NVidia Extension not found
Anyone tried the extension GL_NVX_ycrcb under last version of Nvidia GLX driver (1.0-4191) ?

I can't find any specs about this and it doesn't seem to be like GL_SGIX_ycrcb anyway.

I tries to make an YUV texture, but conversion doesn't work and I just get my packed YUY2 pixels in RGB (Y becomes R, U becomes G ...) and it's not really what we want huh?

- if you have any doc about extension
- any sample

contact me !


grmoc 03-06-03 11:14 AM

And tell me too!

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