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trelaine 12-03-05 10:39 AM

graphics driver disabling my usb ports
Recently due to a few problems I was having with Windows SP2 i decided to reinstall windows to wipe it off...Since then I've been having problems getting my system to work as it should. The biggest problem is that whenever i install by 5200 fx card it causes my pc to no longer recognises my usb ports or anything connected to them.

I've tried several versions of the drivers, including the disc i got with the card originally up to the newest set available to download all do exactly the same thing. Anyone else ever had this problem and any suggestions of what could be causing it/solve it...I never had any problems with the card and USB's before reinstalling.

agentkay 12-05-05 04:44 AM

Re: graphics driver disabling my usb ports
I wonder if it has anything to do with the order the different drivers were installed. When I reinstall Windows I first make sure that all unnessary external hardware isnīt connected to the computer, and I even pull out my soundcard.

Then I install the chipset drivers (latest, stable version available for my chipset), I reboot, and then I install AGP/GART drivers, just incase they differ from the chipset drivers, and reboot again and next are the graphics driver (stable version and clearly supports my card).

After another reboot I install USB drivers but donīt connect any devices before they are installed and working properly (no yellow explanation marks). Actually there shouldnīt be any yellow explantion marks at this point in the device manager, if there are, you have hardware connected that doesnīt have a driver and in that case Iīd first install the missing driver(s) before connecting USB devices or a sound card etc.

Other than that I have no clue what might cause your problem but post you system full specs, maybe someone might find that extra info helpful.

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