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kevingpo 12-07-05 04:56 AM

HELP: Nvidia tv-out woes.... :S
Interesting... my PC boots up Windows 2000 Advanced Server in colour on TV (with generic gfx drivers since GeForce 4 drivers weren't out then).

However, I then additionally installed Windows XP SP2 (on another partition) and it went black & white on TV. WindowsXP using it's shipped GeForce 4 generic drivers (as it is labeled in Display properties).

I then installed recent Nvidia drivers and guess what, my TV screen goes blank white!

Does anyone know how to sort this out? Is it Nvidia bug? I am using S-Video out to scart.

kevingpo 12-08-05 07:37 AM

Re: HELP: Nvidia tv-out woes.... :S

Originally Posted by Pepperoni7
Why would THAT help???

Go to the Geforce tab in advanced display properties, into nview display tab, right click on the picture of your TV, go into 'select TV format, then click on 'advanced' right at the bottom.

Select the correct signal format, PAL/NTSC from the box, then in the other box, try selecting 'composite' and applying, and 's-video' then applying. I say this because I have known this to be wrong or inverted before, and this is what can cause the Black and White signal.

If you do this properly you should get a colour signal. Let me know if this helps

Thanks I will try that.

Just to let everyone know. I managed to solve the "blank white screen" problem. I uninstalled the "latest" Nvidia drivers.... and installed an older version... last years I think.. .version 40.xx something... It works and I get full power of my Nvidia card. Still black n white... but tonight I will try Pepperoni7 advice to get colour again. Cheers dudes!

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