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mukluk123 08-11-02 11:07 AM

trouble enabling 3d
Im having trouble enabling 3d. Im running SuSE 8.0. I'm a linux newbie so go easy on me. Ive got a GeForce 3 Ti 200. Ive installed the nvidia GLX and kernel drivers and ran the online update. I ran Sax2 when prompted to enable 3d support i said yes. after that i try to run a 3d program and it still isnt enabled. I did it through Yast2 and it still wont let me enable 3d. I am running the nvidia driver not the nv. and i cant figure this out. Any help would be apreciated. thanks,

Big Booger 08-11-02 11:50 AM

try running one of your screensavers in the terminal. Tell me what message you get.

cake 08-12-02 09:13 AM

Apparently, the SAX2 and Yast2 will let you enable the 3d acceleration only in the 16 bpp mode. I had similar problems and the only solution was to enable 3d manualy in 24 bpp mode. :cool:

logan 08-12-02 01:52 PM

Be careful with the online updating stuffs.

I've seen various reports from people here and on transgaming.com forums saying that after they run such, X is configured back to some type of default mandrake config.

You'll prolly wanna keep your rpms handy, and a copy of a good XF86Config-4, or at least know what to change.

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