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sterog 12-12-05 02:19 AM

which driver for mx4000 on debian ?
If someone can help me.
I've got an nv mx4000 64mb agp graphic card on a linux debian system with an athlon 1800 processor.
My problem is that i've installed it yesterday and also installed debian but the maximum resolution that i can obtain is 800 x 600.
must i install a driver for my graphic card ?
(while i installed debian i've choosed nv for the graphic card).
I'm new in linux (it's the second day) and my written english is not very good but i understand it good !

nukem 12-12-05 09:47 PM

Re: which driver for mx4000 on debian ?
This should go in the Linux forum below, Anyway the geforce4 is still supported by the nvidia Linux drivers. I do not know the debian way of doing it(im a gentoo user myself) but install the nvidia drivers through apt-get and edit the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf or if that isnt there /etc/X11/XFree86, look for a line in there that says Driver "nv" and change it to Driver "nvidia". It would probably be much more helpful to goto the #debian channel on irc.freenode.net, use xchat ;)

Kojiro 01-02-06 10:09 AM

Re: which driver for mx4000 on debian ?
Yes you do. It's in Nvidia's site under Linux OS, Duh!

As for installing it, that's another story. It's not as simple as double clicking a EXE file. There is an installation read me on the download site. It's an installation script that works on all linux distributions, so it's not that hard.

I recommend you get a linux book. It helps a lot with command line inputs and configuration. Most of the questions you have may be easily answered in the book. As for what book is good. I have no idea. I use Fedora Core 4
And i bought a book on Fedora Core that got great reader reviews from Amazon.com.

Just follow the instructions on Nvidia's site, and if you have problems refer to a Debian book. That's how you use linux.

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