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bigjools 12-12-05 06:35 AM

Non-HDTV over component
Hi all.

I noticed there was a previous thread about this a few months ago but I've started a new one since my situation is slightly different.

My SDTV has got component inputs that I wish to use with my 6600 component out.

I am in the UK and hence require 50Hz output, so is it possible for HD576p or HD576i modes to output at 50Hz? It looks like I am on 60Hz, despite my PAL 50Hz modeline. :confused:

Presumably the server kicks out any modelines that are not compatible with the HDxxx tv-out mode selected?

Any help much appreciated!

thanosz 06-29-06 06:00 AM

Re: Non-HDTV over component

Has any one been able to get HD576p to work correctly. I have a 36" Toshiba 36ZP48 CRT TV and am connected using component (nvidia 6150 MSI motherboard). I am able to get a progressive signal out but there 2 problems.

1. The image seems to flicker a lot (like running low refresh on a PC monitor). I don't know if this is normal for progressive. Does it have to do with refresh? I user VertRefresh 50.0.

2. There is extreme overscan, so much that I can not even the the task bar in fluxbox. I have tried playing around with TVOverscan, but doesn't help much.

I suppose when you set HD576p, there are certain reo****ions u select from the modepool, and you can only select only those. I have tried 720x576 (I am in PAL) but the image is overscanned (it's like the image is zoomed in).

Is there a way to override the modelines used ? I have seen many posts regarding modeline but have no found any 1 using the HD576p with those. Does HD576p just use some pre-set modelines or does it do more than that.

If any one has component working on a CRT tv I would appreciate if they can post their xorg.conf file.


thanosz 06-30-06 06:01 AM

Re: Non-HDTV over component
Is anyone using TV-out to a CRT TV, preferrably using the HD576i/p mode (preferrably over component). If there are an such configuration, can you please post your xorg.conf.


cthulhu 03-02-07 02:29 AM

Re: Non-HDTV over component

I'm interested in this too, is it possible?

philipl 03-02-07 11:20 AM

Re: Non-HDTV over component
I was able to do 480i NTSC but the *only* resolution it would accept was 720x480 - I assume that for 576i/p it will want 720 as well. That had me really puzzled for a while.

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