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elfstone 12-13-05 04:47 PM

Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
i've recently installed a fc4 on my new box, but i keep getting freezes. When i switch to text-konsole with Strg-Alt-F1 everything still works, when i press Strg-Alt-F7 to get back to my X-window the PC freezes. I get a dark screen, and the computer doesnt react to keypresses or pings anymore.

The problem seems to be related to nvidia, because when i use the nv-drver it doesnt happen. There are no log-errors i found, and i couldnt find anything with google sofar (i only found this forum :)

My System
AMD X2 3800
Asus A8N-E bios 1008 (newest)
newest nvidia-driver
Fedora Core 4
kernel 2.6.14

Im really desperated, and would apreciate any help,

netllama 12-13-05 10:00 PM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
Please post a bug report. Also, are you certain that the system is fully locking up, and not just X? Can you ssh/telnet to the system? If not, are you able to setup a serial console?


elfstone 12-14-05 01:00 AM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
How do i create a bug-report on a frozen System?
When i press Caps-Lock, the Caps-Lock-LED on the keyboard doesnt react, and i cant ping or ssh to the computer anymore.
I dont have a serial console, but i dont understand, why a serial console would work when it doesnt even react to pings.

I just tried if it still executes cronjobs when frozen, but it doesnt. So it seems the system is really crashed, not only X.

Any Ideas what this could be?

elfstone 12-14-05 04:46 AM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
I created a logfile while the system is still running, maybe it helps:

netllama 12-14-05 10:08 AM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
Your bug report doesn't contain anything related to the crash. If you're going to generate a bug report for this issue, it has to be before you restart X after a crash.

Does this problem reproduce if you remove 'vga=788' from grub.conf and reboot?


elfstone 12-14-05 02:28 PM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
Ok, i did the following: edit /etc/inittab to get default runlevel 3, then switched to console and back to F7. This time it didnt crash, and i was really surprised. I did Strg-Alt-F1 and Strg-Alt-F7 again and it crashed. So it doesnt happen in 100% of the cases but in 95% of the times i try.

Then i rebooted, and ran the tool to create the logfile. I dont know where to look, but i dont see any crash-related stuff either. But i think the system dies immidiatly when i press Strg-Alt-F7, so no time to save anything to disk.

The vga-option doesnt have any effect, actually i put it there to see if it helps, but it didnt help either. Here is the link to the new logfile.


I really thank you for trying to help me, im rather desperated because i cant find a fix for it.

netllama 12-14-05 03:27 PM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
I'm not really seeing much that is suspicious in the bug report other than this:
pcie_portdrv_probe->Dev[005d:10de] has invalid IRQ. Check vendor BIOS

Are you able to setup a serial console? I suspect that you're hitting some kind of kernel panic or Oops when the system locks up, and getting the output would help to pinpoint what might be going wrong.


elfstone 12-14-05 05:05 PM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
What exactly is a serial console? is it a device that you put to the serial port? why would that still work after the crash, while cron and sshd dont work anymore?

And i already checked, there are nor updates for my card.
Nothing left to do? I would hate to install another distribution just because it doesnt work with fedora core...

netllama 12-14-05 05:16 PM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
Because the serial console doesn't require additional drivers to function, its built into the kernel. A serial console should capture kernel messages when the system locks up.

Setting up a serial console is not difficult, however it requires a 2nd system, as well as a serial cable (also known as a null modem cable).

Attach the serial cable to the serial ports of the two systems.

On your target system, add the following additional kernel parameters:
console=ttyS0,9600 console=tty0

On the 2nd system, you can use 'screen' to capture the serial output:
screen /dev/ttyS0

Note that I referenced the first serial port, /dev/ttyS0, in my examples above. You can grep dmesg output for ttyS to see if your systems are using a different serial port.

If everything is setup correctly, you should see the boot time output in the serial
console, and then you should also be able to capture any kernel messages that are generated when the system crashes.


elfstone 12-15-05 01:10 AM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
I have a second system, but i dont have a serial cable... i'll try to borrow/buy one and come back.

It wasnt easy to find one, but big universities tend to have huge storage-rooms with old computer hardware, it was amazing how many strange cables exist. I never saw a Connector Serial<->Monitor before...

elfstone 12-15-05 04:39 PM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
Hm, somehow it doesnt work. I pluged in the cable into both serial ports. Both serialports are /dev/ttyS0, and i added the line to the grub.conf.

But when i do screen /dev/ttyS0 on the second system i get a white screen, and nothing appears there when i boot. The cable seems to be ok, at least all the pins are connected to each other.

What could be wrong, and how can i find out, whats wrong?

netllama 12-15-05 04:48 PM

Re: Crashes with 6600GT when changing konsole
Are you sure that there's only one serial port for both systems? What do you get from running 'dmesg | grep ttyS' ?

Also, are you sure that the serial ports on both systems are not turned off in the BIOS?


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