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johannesprix 12-14-05 06:58 AM

Messed up xorg windows with "nvidia" AND "nv". GeForceGo6400-related?

after 15 minutes of xorg uptime, the content of firefox, kdvi or acrobat reader windows become garbled in the strangest ways with bright colors and mess. This happens with "nv" and "nvidia" on my fully patched and updated SuSE9.3 Vaio VGN-FS315H Laptop with nVidia GeForce Go 6400 with TurboCache.

Without going much into details, can such a problem (if it happens with "nv" and with "nvidia") be driver related? Can it be that maybe Linux doesn't treat the shared memory (TurboCache) of the graphics card correctly? Because sometimes kdvi displays stuff in strangest colors that has been there correctly seconds ago, so maybe some old memory fragments get into the video memory or something? (glxgears and that seems to work with fine framerates.)

(Note: The problem usually happens with the inside of some windows first. Switching to console and back removes the problem for 10 minutes. then it starts happening again.)

So, am I right searching for clues right here or should I go to xorg. Dunno. I'm a bit frustrated and clueless with the issue right now.

Thanks for your comments, Johannes.

johannesprix 12-15-05 02:12 AM

Re: Messed up xorg windows with "nvidia" AND "nv". GeForceGo6400-related?
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One more thing: when I make a screenshot, say with the Gnome desktop tool for that, the corruptions show in the saved screenshot.png as well. Does that mean, that it has got nothing/something to do with the card/xorg? Is it maybe the 1280x800 display of the laptop? Anybody got any clues? (I'll add my Xorg.0.log from right after it happend again. I switched to console and back several times and that has bought me some more time till it will happen again... and I made some screenshots the next time it happend. Screenshots show the corruptions very well.) Thanks for any hints, Johannes.

johannesprix 12-19-05 05:07 AM

Re: Messed up xorg windows with "nvidia" AND "nv". GeForceGo6400-related?
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Success! Finally now I got everything to work perfectly well.

The problem was, that there must have been something wrong with my driver installation. While glxgears was running pretty fast, the nvidia logo was not showing up whenever xorg would start up. So I suspect something in the internals was wrong. I installed the latest 8173 driver with the standard installer, but then problems "unable to open device /dev/nvidia0" even though the file was there. Repeatedly re-installed the older driver via the Yast Online Update. Then I fixed my xorg.conf file (copy that runs bug-free for days now is attached). Didn't do anything else. Also used Yast2-->System-->Display from inside x to adjust the screen size there.) But now I have 3d accelleration working perfectly well, 1280x800 display and no display issues any more even under heavy use, perfect stability and is keeps working this way. Thanks all who thought about the problem. Maybe the zipped xorg.conf file can be of use to someone. I'm so happy :)

See ya,

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