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dasher 08-11-02 01:43 PM

Nvidia Driver causes crash on Standby/Suspend
I have Redhat 7.3 installed with the generic driver for my MX400 card and noticed that when my system went to standby it was still active, as I could eject the CD-ROM tray, not doing a complete Suspend to Ram.

I had this same problem on Windows XP and this was when I was using the driver installed during Hardware detection. I replaced the driver with the NVIDIA driver and it worked correctly, with STR etc.

I tried the same on Redhat 7.3 and now the system does a standby but does not wake up from a keypress etc.

Anyone had problems using this driver with power management. Any specific kernel settings I should know.


bootsy52 08-16-02 07:31 PM

Same with XFree420
This is funny I remark the same behavior with my second Linux partition. So I'm sure it could not be Hardware related as it works on the first Linux partition perfectly (runs Mandrake 8.0) on the Second Partiton I have set up all according to LinuxFromScratch. There I have exactly the same problem but the Log Files show nothing, so do not know even where to start.

NaJa 08-20-02 05:18 PM

I also have the same problems. I have Debian Woody running on two different machines. One machine has a Pentium III and the other has a Celeron (Both are Fujitsu Siemens). They freeze when APM gets active.
On both machines recent self compiled 2.4.x kernels are working/dying.

bootsy52 08-20-02 05:39 PM

So, where could be the Problem =?
Hmmh, so let's see, have you also selfcompiled XFree86 ? If yes, post your host.def. Otherwise, and seems now more likley to me, the problem lies in our kernel configuration.

As I said, the driver is perfectly working when I boot my Mandrake 8.0 on the same hardware, there I have also upgraded the Kernel myself to 2.4.8-ac7

NaJa 08-20-02 05:53 PM

I'm using the binaries from Debian Woody. I only compiled the kernel myself. I have compiled the kernel with: APM, AGP (as module) and DRI (as module)
Maybe one of these options cause the problems.

bootsy52 09-16-02 06:57 PM

I think I got it. Or let's better say I got this issue, but it raised another. I have found out that this does not happen with the OpenSource nv driver.
But guilty for this behavior seems to be APM, especially the option "Console Blanking using APM" under General->PowerManagerment ->Advanced Powermanagment
Now, I have gone completley ACPI. But this is the other problem, if I use the original ACPI which is included in the kernel ACPI (Button/Suspend) works, but the machine das not power off.
If I patch the kernel with the latest ACPI drivers from
then ACPI (Button/Suspend) doesn't work, but the machine does power off.

So the only good news is, that I got no freezes anymore with the nvidia driver (Currently 3128 )

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