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Rafy 01-11-03 03:17 AM

Newb Problems
Ok, Im a big Newb in Linux and in English too.

I istalled Mandrake Linux 9.0 an i have a Geforce 3 Card. So I downloaded the NVchooser program and I downloaded the 2 Files it say.

Then I installed the drivers, how the redme says: First wit cd the directory i donwloaded the drivers and after that i typed in the root console:

rpm -ivh Kernelfile
rmp -ivh GLXfile

Well i restarted the System and the Graphical interface is away. I have a text login.

What can I do now, and how do I Install the Drivers???

Thx 4 your help :)

Interscope 01-11-03 04:49 AM

have you modified the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4(or XF86Config) file?

You should go to the part where the Video's cards driver is listed and you should change "nv" or "vesa" to "nvidia"

If you have any other problems XFree should show an error log, please post it here. If the problem happens on startup just login in terminal and type startx, there it should show warnings (WW) and (EE) warnings might show trouble but they are often not serious, (EE)'s are often the problem.

Rafy 01-11-03 07:49 AM

k, now i have reinstalled Linux. But how do I install the drivers now???

I dont want to reinstall Linux again:)

Keep the explanation so simle as possible ;)

zimba 01-11-03 10:26 AM

Mandrake Nvidia RPM is an upgrade so use rpm -Uvh as per the READMEfile.
Just use README exactly

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