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Hoxzer 12-17-05 07:33 AM

Nvidia tv overscan mx400 problem
Video card: Nvidia GF2 mx400
Distro: Knoppmyth R5A26

I'm trying to get my HTPC work but seems like I can't figure out how to setup tv overscan. I have tried editing XF86Config-4 but tv overscan option seems to have no effect. I also tried to edit .nvidia-settings-rc but when I try to run command

nvidia-settings load-config-only
I get following error:

Error: error querying valid values for attribute 'TVOverScan' on mythtv:0.0 specified on line 34 of configuration file
'/home/mythtv/.nvidia-settings-rc' (attribute not avaible)

Thunderbird 12-17-05 08:08 AM

Re: Nvidia tv overscan mx400 problem
In the past tvout was provided using a external tvout chip from companies brooktree/conexant/philips. Nowadays GPUs contain a integrated tvout encoder. The geforce2mx uses an external tvout chip and for that chip the drivers don't support overscanning.

Hoxzer 12-17-05 08:11 AM

Re: Nvidia tv overscan mx400 problem
Do you mean that I will not be able to overscan my TV no matter what I do?

netllama 12-17-05 10:10 AM

Re: Nvidia tv overscan mx400 problem
Per the NVIDIA driver README:
Overscan is currently only available on GeForce4 or newer GPUs with either NVIDIA or Conexant TV encoders.

Hoxzer, you need to purchase a newer card to use overscan.


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