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apparatus 12-17-05 08:21 AM

System freeze
Hello. I have a problem. X loads up fine, but after clicking around in e.g. Firefox for a couple of minutes, the screen freezes. The mouse still moves but I can't kill X or switch to a terminal (thus I can't generate an error log). This never happens with the plain nv driver. It also seems like it will only happen on my desktop, when running a game (in this case, Alien Arena), it doesn't freeze. I have looked around threads with similar problems but it seems like those problems should've been solved with the new drivers.

I run KDE 3.4.3 on Debian unstable, kernel version 2.4.27. My motherboard is an Asus K8N (Nforce3) and my graphics card is an ASUS V9400-X/TD 128MB GeForce4 MX.

I have installed the NVIDIA drivers according to this guide: http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/Debi...tallation.html
For the record, my nvidia-glx is version 1.0.8174-1.

Relevant lines in xorg.conf:

Section "Module"
        Load        "bitmap"
        Load        "dbe"
        Load        "ddc"
#        Load        "dri"
        Load        "extmod"
        Load        "freetype"
        Load        "glx"
        Load        "int10"
        Load        "record"
        Load        "type1"
        Load        "v4l"
        Load        "vbe"


Section "Device"
        Identifier        "NVIDIA Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000 AGP 8x]"
        Driver                "nvidia"

netllama 12-17-05 10:15 AM

Re: System freeze
Please generate and post a bug report.


apparatus 12-19-05 11:44 AM

Re: System freeze

Originally Posted by netllama
Please generate and post a bug report.


How do I do this? I can't get to a terminal when the problem occurs. Besides, I don't seem to have the bug script :/

netllama 12-19-05 12:14 PM

Re: System freeze
You can generate the bug report after rebooting and before starting X. If you don't have the bug script, then you need to install the official NVIDIA 1.0-8174 driver package.


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