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mrrs 12-20-05 12:28 PM

initial install on pci express
I just purchased pc with an MSI K8N platinum motherboard and nvidia 6600 pci express card in it. When trying to boot from the Ubuntu 5.10 x86_64 cd, or install Centos 4.2 for x86_64, when the system starts the x server, the screen displays broad horizontal bands of broken color and a large square that follows the mouse, but is basically unusable. The people at the shop assure me that this is because "Linux doesn't support pci express". Is there something I need to pass as a kernel option, or do I have a defective card? The pc does not have windows on it, so I cannot test it that way.

any help would be greatly appreciated


netllama 12-20-05 01:01 PM

Re: initial install on pci express
Which X driver are you using when you see this problem? There's a known bug in the 'nv' X driver in releases before Xorg-6.9/7.0 which could cause the problem you're experiencing. There are no known bugs with the nvidia X driver that would cause the problem you're describing.

Whomever told you that Linux doesn't support PCI-Express is misinformed.


mrrs 12-20-05 01:40 PM

Re: initial install on pci express
I am not getting far enough to find out - this happens the first time i put the install/livecd in the drive to boot it up. There is no OS installed on the system yet. It would be the default video used by the installer.

As to the statement that "linux doesn't support PCI-Express", I kind of figured that ( he was misinformed ), but am looking to either successfully install, or determine that it is a defective video card.


netllama 12-20-05 01:45 PM

Re: initial install on pci express
You're not using the nvidia driver if the OS isn't yet installed. I'd suggest doing a text based install to work around the problem.


mrrs 12-21-05 08:21 AM

Re: initial install on pci express
Thank you very much for your help Lonni, I have now successfully installed centos.

For anyone who happens upon this thread later, here is what I did:

As suggested, run the text mode install. I chose to install the xwindows and gnome packages, because I would eventually need them. The problem with this is that If the system finds them, it will finish the install in graphics mode, which brings us back to the original problem. Don't forget to install development tools as well, to recompile the driver.

When the files are finished installing, and the system reboots, at the kernel selection splash screen, press a key to select the kernel, then a to append. replace the "rhgb quiet" with "3" ( no quotes) to reboot into text mode.

Run yum update to get the current kernel and reboot again, replaceing rhgb quiet with 3 again.

Install the Nvidia driver. I rebooted again, but that probably wasn't needed.

When the system rebooted, the driver loaded and graphics worked. I just needed to go into system settings and select the video card and monitor to be able to set the resolution properly.

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