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neilers 12-20-05 03:08 PM

Help needed!!
Been advised by the computer "experts" to upgrade my graphics card to do some video editing. The card they advised is the Geforce 6200 128MB (PCI)

I have installed the card - disabled the intergrated card that is on the motherboard and increase my power supply from 250W to 400W.

The system has two hard drives one internal, one external totalling 340GB. the external (Maxtor) has its own power supply.

I have increased the RAM from 128MB to 1.2GB

The editing software that I have is Pinnacle Version 8 (Studio 8) & Premiere 6.0

To play and burn DVD's I have an external drive with its own power supply (Pioneer 109)

When I start up one of the editingg applications it loads ok - but when I wish to start a project the computer locks up completely and freezes??!!

The "experts" have cost me a fortune in upgrading this and upgarding that. Their advice is to re-master my computer to try and resolve this problem, but is this the answer??

does anyone have idea's as to what I can do to get this thing going?

When I go back to the intergrated card (Intel Extreme Grapgics) the applications work ok but the footage jumps and has lagging spots, this is what I wanted to eliminate.

Any advice would be appreciated



Infinity666 12-20-05 05:01 PM

Re: Help needed!!
what proccesor do you have?
do you have the latest drivers?
does this occur with any other apps?
have you re-installed windows? do you know how?

jcrews98 01-04-06 06:43 PM

Re: Help needed!!
Some simple things to consider reside in the system BIOS setup software.

- Disable AGP fast writes, which can make many chipsets behave poorly.
- Some BIOS "turbo" settings may cause problems in some situations. Look for any on screen notes regarding "may cause insability" wrt AGP port.

- Try loading BIOS setup defaults or, on many setup programs, the "failsafe" defaults. Beware that loading defaults will cause you to have to locate any settings that may need to be a certain way (for example, enabling extra onboard IDE hardware). I find the defaults to be aggressive, so they should serve as a last-resort attempt at fixing your problem.

Other things to look for are:

Up-to-date AGP miniport driver, supplied with the chipset's driver set.
Up-to-date NVIDIA display driver

Try using dxdiag to try to pinpoint the problem further

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