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PCarr78 07-28-02 11:20 AM

Which l00nix distro supports Highpoint RAID controllers?

Thunderbird 07-28-02 11:22 AM

Most distro's support those controllers. There are several drivers hpt, hpt34x and hpt366. Don't ask me on how to use raid since I don't have raid here.

PCarr78 07-28-02 11:23 AM

what about the 37x line?

Thunderbird 07-28-02 11:27 AM

Likely using the hpt366 driver.

PCarr78 07-28-02 11:31 AM

I will look into this...

Stratman 08-09-02 09:41 AM

You can grab the latest kernel for www.kernel.org also grab the lastest preempt patch. Then you will have to recompile your kernel but the 2.4.19pre10 that I'm using has support for the RAID functions of those cards. I have used them to access my windows drives that are setup in RAID-0 (2 40Gig drives as 1 80Gig drive). That was before I switched to WindowsXP Pro, now the drives are formatted NTFS and in RAID0 on the HPT 372. So I didn't want to press my luck. Since the NTFS support is "experimental" as well as the HPT drives....

lunix 08-10-02 12:15 AM

lunix apparently supports these "high" point controllers. Most bloatware distrobutions support all kinds of sh.t out of the box.
Its not that big of a deal to compile your own very special kernel with support should no particular dist. support it.

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