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DiscipleDOC 12-22-05 02:57 PM

Popular benchmarking tools?
With the box I have below, I'm starting to get back into the overclocking business. What are the popular benchmarking apps out, and why do you recommend it?

OWA 12-22-05 04:52 PM

Re: Popular benchmarking tools?
3DMark (various versions) -- probably most popular so easiest to compare results (although, there is some debate about how well it translates to actual game play)

SuperPI -- cpu type benchmark but memory settings also have an effect (the first few rounds are pretty quick and this can also be a good test for overclocking -- stability -- when running the longer ones)

Doom 3 timedemo -- good opengl benchmark

Fear built-in benchmark -- recent, plus this game heats up my computer more than most so it's also a good check for stability

Fraps -- for monitoring framerates in any game and for taking screenshots (it also has a benchmark function)

Benchemall -- lets you benchmark a bunch of popular games with various settings pretty easily

SH64 12-22-05 08:48 PM

Re: Popular benchmarking tools?
What OWA said + Aquamark3 for CPU/Memory (like mem latency) & GFX testing. the gfx part might not be that effective in this benchmark though esp with the new high-end video cards & SLI/XF configs.

VIAVGA Doom3 benchmark - this benchmark is even better & more stressing than Doom3's own.. it was a good place to test 1) my Opengl performance , 2) dual-core CPU performance , 3) my video cards overclocking potential.

OWA 12-22-05 10:34 PM

Re: Popular benchmarking tools?
How could I forget Via's doom 3 benchmark! Good call since that one really stresses things.

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