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Cream 01-12-03 12:52 PM

PANTS 3dmark2001se score :(
My brother has just got a new P.C.

here's the rough spec..

Athlon XP2000
256 meg DDR
Geforce 4 MX440(41.09)
Win XP home.
Gigabyte Board (not sure what chip set)

Now I would expect a score of atleast around 3000 with that spec... But oh no its a rather embracing 1700. One thing I did notice was in the bios it was set to 133mhz should this be 266mhz as it is using DDR memory?

styles-T 01-12-03 07:22 PM

133x2 = 266 (double date rate)

try getting rid of that MX card and you should be fine.. :afro2:

Cream 01-13-03 11:06 AM

I know its a pants card, They where going to put a TNT2 into it :eek: .
But when I compair the system to the ones on the madonion site it still says the card should produce a score of around 3000.

|JuiceZ| 01-14-03 11:17 AM

naaa, Geforce 4 MX440 = bottleneck. :bounce:

marqmajere 01-14-03 12:11 PM

I would expect a higher score from that rig. One of my systems gets 4000+ and it's not far off yours. :confused:

1.2 T-bird
Biostar M7MIA
256 megs DDR 266
Geforce4 MX 440
Windows XP home

No overclocking or cheating whatsoever.

Crowcell 01-15-03 08:02 PM

i just set up a system for my friend with simliar parts(xp2000+ and g4mx440)

and the score was around 5000

phanoongy 01-20-03 12:04 AM

i have a GF4 MX 440 and got a score of 6413 ....

my system in in my sig

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