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Phyre 01-12-03 03:04 PM

OpenSound or ALSA?
I've recently gotten a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz for my system. But, I'm wondering which of the two to go with, opensound.com or alsa-project.org. I've currently got the opensound drivers installed, but I didn't know that you have to buy a license for them. The cost isn't much, but why should I have to buy the software to get a piece of hardware working.

Has anyone tried both of these? If so, which is the more prferred? Also, if any other suggestions are out there, they are welcome.

Distro: Redhat 8.0


energyman76b 01-14-03 06:32 PM


I do not have a turtle beach... but:

installing alsa is simple, the docs are ok and it doesn't need much compiling time (and redhat rpms should be available).

So try it, you'll loose nothing.
Worst thing could happen:
alsa support for your card is not as good as oss and you have to buy the license,
but you'll know it than for sure.

Glück Auf

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