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kmike 12-23-05 08:51 AM

PM spam
Got a piece of PM spam from this member (URLs removed):


Originally Posted by tedvoryv

I am new on this board. Sorry for sending this unsolicited message to your box. This is the first and last message sent from me. If you have (own) any web forum, discussion board or blogging page (admin or a moderator) or if you are planning to create new forum, discussion board or blogging site please review the following site with your expertise. Just need your honest opinion.


Site contains scientific information and tips about online community creation and handling. Hiring free posters to your web forums, discussion boards or blogging site. Also you can find free articles for your own website content.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,
Thomas Miriam

P.S I apologize you again for this unexpected message.

Can someone get this person banned or something?

MikeC 12-23-05 09:17 AM

Re: PM spam
I've banned him.

CrazyIvan 12-23-05 03:18 PM

Re: PM spam
yeah, got the same message this morning.

GlowStick 12-24-05 07:14 PM

Re: PM spam
oh noes, i hope they dont make bots that scan and spam vb forums heh

DaveW 12-25-05 06:58 PM

Re: PM spam
I'm pretty sure they do.

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