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Dymitry 12-25-05 10:16 AM

Can the drivers just leave the IRQ alone for once?
When I install the X86_64 8174 drivers, my modem stops working; all attempts to connect with Kppp result in "the modem is busy", while Minicom simply stops responding. I have noticed that some of the IRQ are changed around as well, and the modem ( which originally has IRQ 209 to itself ) ends up sharing 217 with one of the graphics cards once the drivers are installed. All other devices seem to function normally.

This has happened four times with four separate installations ( and using the uninstall for the drivers simply prevents X from starting ) so if anything other than the shared IRQ is blocking the modem, it must be an incredible coincidence. Is there some way I can either change the IRQ settings back to normal or prevent the drivers from messing with them in the first place?

I am using Slamd64 10.1 with two 6800GT cards and a Multitech MT5634ZPX modem.

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