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CDavis 12-26-05 11:03 AM

FX5500 strange rendering problem

I've just got a FX 5500 to replace an older GEForce2 MX400 card. I have an Athlon 1700 XP with 512 MB, and my MoBo is an ASUS A7A133. I'm running WinXP sp2, with DirectX 9.0c.

After installing the 5500, anything 3D gets seriously garbled -- I mean **seriously**. A lot of triangles appear all around the screen, text and icons get distorted. On Google Earth, for instance, images are covered with triangles rendered with the texture of the terrain below, but at completely distorted positions. It looks like one of the vertices of the triangle gets misplaced to a random coordinate in the screen. I also tested with some other games and applications. The Direct3D test in dxdiag, however, works OK.

I think the problem may be driver related, since (1) there is no overheating, (2) 2D works perfectly, (3) there are no issues with the power supply. I have installed and tested, with the same results, the supplied driver (51.1), the most recent one I found at eVGA (81.94) and two more I got from the nVidia web site (81.95 and 81.98).

What's even more strange is the fact that, after giving up temporarily on the card, and reinstalling the GeForce2, the problem continues. Notice that all the more recent drivers for the FX5500 are supposed to work with the GeForce2. The problem only went away and returned to the former state when I uninstalled the more recent drivers and reinstalled the driver that came with the GeForce2 (version 29.42); however, this older driver does not work with the FX5500.

I have posted a couple of screenshots at http://fotos.terra.com.br/album.cgi/1051551

I would appreciate any help -- thanks in advance.


|MaguS| 12-26-05 11:37 AM

Re: FX5500 strange rendering problem
Have you tried installing older then the recent drivers but newer then the ones supplied with the Geforce2? Like ones that released when the Geforce FX was still mainstream?


CDavis 12-26-05 03:29 PM

Re: FX5500 strange rendering problem

I checked some more drivers, but couldn't solve the problem.

More specifically:

1. Updated the motherboard's BIOS
2. Removed any non-essential hardware from the machine, including the sound card, an USB card, a secondary hard drive, and a CD-RW unit
3. Checked for overheating
4. Set all of the MoBo setup parameters to match the recommendations I found at NVidia's web site (a list of 9 settings, incuding disabling fast write mode on AGP, increasing latency time to 128, and much more)
5. Tested alternative AGP speeds, 1x and 2x
6. Sytematically tested 6 different drivers, first removing the previous version, as recommended in Nvidia's site, rebooting, then installing another version, rebooting, then setting resolution/colors, then testing 3d programs. In order, I tested 81.98, 81.94 from eVGA (the board's manufacturer), 66.93, 56.72, 51.1, and 29.42 from the older GeForce2
7 Rebooted some 15,472 times in the process

I should also mention that the machine has received a fresh reinstall of WinXP sp2 earlier this month.

If I were living in the US, this board would have been returned long ago....

Any more suggestions? I'm trying to be thorough here...


Infinity666 12-26-05 08:21 PM

Re: FX5500 strange rendering problem
Try some 70's series drivers they seem to be the most stable

CDavis 12-27-05 07:49 AM

Re: FX5500 strange rendering problem
1 Attachment(s)

Thank you for the suggestion.

I tried versions 71.89, 77.77 and 78.01, and got no results. Same behavior in 3D.

I also tried assigning an IRQ for the video card (IRQ 11 used), and lowering the AGP to 1x. Still nothing.

What really gets me stumped is the fact that, if I remove the FX5500 and install the MX400 back, using the same driver from the FX5500 I get the same problem; once I install the original driver that came with the MX400, 3d works OK.

BTW, there goes another screenshot, now with a little more visibility -- the weird triangles change as I run the mouse over the screen in Google Earth.


TierMann 12-27-05 02:40 PM

Re: FX5500 strange rendering problem
-Download and install DriverCleaner.
-Download 67.66 video drivers.
-Uninstall your current drivers.
-Reboot in safe mode.
-Run driver cleaner and use it to remove all traces of the old driver.
-Reboot and install 67.66.
-Reboot again.

I had to do that when switching between an onboard MX and AGP 5200. Worth a shot.

CDavis 12-28-05 08:20 AM

Re: FX5500 strange rendering problem

Thanks for your advice. I followed it to the letter, but with no results. Driver Cleaner sure is an interesting utility, I'm definitely including it in my "repertoire". I also tried the 77.77 driver, from another tip I received.

I also got a response from eVGA's support, asking me to check on the voltage level on the 12V rail. In the BIOS, it read 12.4V. I double checked by measuring the voltage with a digital multimeter at an unused power connector, with the system in full charge and a 3d app running. I got 12.44 volts. So that's not it either. [:(]

Next I'm going to try the board on somebody else's computer. If it works, I hope I can sell it and get an ATI! [:)]

Thanks again,


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