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jcharlesmith 12-28-05 12:00 PM

how to load 8178 drivers from CD?
I am building an HTPC on a BioStar Geforce 6100-m7. I currently have Knoppmyth R5A16 installed but I can not get the on board Realtek NIC to load.

I arrived at the R5A16 release after trying the R5A26 release which would not start X due to NVIDIA driver problems. However the R5A26 did have the correct driver for the NIC.

So I have read from others that the new NVIDIA 8178 drivers may fix my problems however every tip I have read explain how to get the driver by download and install from the root directory.

Is there a way to install the driver from a CD after download from another machine as I do not have the NIC working?


zander 12-28-05 08:48 PM

Re: how to load 8178 drivers from CD?
The .run installer is a self extracting shell archive, you can write it to a CD and perform the installation with `sh /path/to/NVIDIA...` after mounting it on the target system.

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