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Merefield 12-29-05 07:47 AM

Killed my 6800GT - did the AGP slot do it??
Oh dear.

Gave my old computer to my father.

In transit in the boot of my car, its 6800 GT managed to pop slightly out of the AGP slot in the Asus motherboard.

Didn't notice this and switched the machine ON.

Got corrupt BIOS loading screen with funny text, then corrupt Windows logo and desktop.

Discovered the problem, reseated the card, but still the same problem.

Tried it in another machine.

Same issue.

Its dead i think.

Just shocks me to think that you can kill a card just by switching your machine on whilst your vid card is slightly badly seated.

Anyone experienced this or have a comment?

rflair 12-29-05 08:13 AM

Re: Killed my 6800GT - did the AGP slot do it??
Shocking? Nah, why didn't you stop it at the BIOS screen is what you should ask yourself, considering you already saw corruption there.

Saying the AGP slot did it is half right, if the 6800GT didn't have its molex plugged in at the time the card would have probably survived. The combination of a bad seated card and the 6800GT recieving power from the PSU directly is what killed it I think, then allowing the corruption to reach windows where the graphics card BIOS then increase the voltage to the card made it worse.

Oh well live and learn, shame it was a nice piece of hardware.

AthlonXP1800 12-29-05 09:22 AM

Re: Killed my 6800GT - did the AGP slot do it??
Ouch! Your poor PC took a bumpy ride, you should thought of put your PC on seat belt or take someone with you for them to hold the PC like I did hold my PC on a trip to the repair shop in 1997, I would never let my PC took a bumpy ride with no protection in the car boot.

Hope your lesson will be learnt. (xmasmile)

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