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SinoTech 12-31-05 09:13 AM

Need help by nForce4 and sound (HW-mixing)
my board is the "Epox 9NPA+ Ultra S939 nForce4 Ultra" ( http://www.ebug-europe.com/bug/defau...CK939110021437 ). I've downloaded the current driver package from nvidia and installed it. Now the problem is the sound works fine for a single application (xmms, mplayer) but it won't work if I try to start another one (Playing sounds from two applications the same time).
What I found in the web tolds me that the driver should support HW-mixing ... so why doesn't it work for me?
That's how I've installed it:
1. Activated the following options in the kernel

Device Drivers
    --> Sound
          <*> Sound card support
          --> Open Sound System
              <*> Open Sound System (DEPRECATED)
              <*> OSS sound modules

2. Rebuild the kernel
3. Added "alias sound-slot-0 nvsound" to my "/etc/modules.d/aliases"
(Doesn't know if this step was needed, but I've found it while searching the web).
3. Downloaded and installed the latest driver package available on nvidias homepage (1.0.0310)
4. rebooted.

Like I said, the sound works fine for a single application, but doesn't work for a second application which tries to play sound simultaneous.

Anyway, when trying to play a sound with a second application I get these messages in "dmesg":

Nvsound: Unable to change the Playback SampleRate 44100, set back to 48000
Nvsound: Unable to Create a NewStream for apu
Nvsound: Unable to allocate the wave device

Hope somebody can give me an hint on how to get HW-mixing working.
Thanks in advance,



Thunderbird 12-31-05 10:55 AM

Re: Need help by nForce4 and sound (HW-mixing)
First the nforce4 uses a very simple soundcard. It is a simple ac97 codec made by companies like realtek (i810 compatible). The card doesn't support hw mixing. The mixing should be done in software. One way to do it is to install alsa drivers for your card and let also do the work (it can do it using dmix) but search for more info on this on google.

SinoTech 12-31-05 12:26 PM

Re: Need help by nForce4 and sound (HW-mixing)
Thanks for your reply. Until now I've used alsa to put out the sound (Since the kernel >=2.6.12 supports sound mixing there was no additional sound server needed). But since I had problems using skype, I thought I'll try the origial nvidia drivers.
Anyway, as my soundchip doesn't support HW-mixing I'll go back to alsa and search another solution for my skype problem.
Thanks for your reply,


labba 01-02-06 05:46 AM

Re: Need help by nForce4 and sound (HW-mixing)
Many people out there have problems with skype, because skype uses (deprecated) oss instead of alsa. The next problem is, that skype doesn't work with aoss so we don't have softwaremixing. Skype Developers know about these problems and will release a version with alsa support (hopefully). Just have a look into the skype forums here. There are also many workarounds/howtos adressing skype sound problems.

SinoTech 01-06-06 02:28 PM

Re: Need help by nForce4 and sound (HW-mixing)
Thanks four reply. I'll take a look on the skype forum as far as I'll get some sparetime.


Spyke 01-06-06 04:35 PM

Re: Need help by nForce4 and sound (HW-mixing)
The best solution is to get a $30 soundcard based on an EMU10K1 chipset. No more troubles.

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