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Littleman 01-13-03 07:19 PM

Inspiron 8200 and Go 440 : 32bits compatible ?
hi there,
i have been using my drivers in 1400x1050 16 bits for quite a while now, but i was wondering if there was a way to use a color depth of 32 bits...
Modyfing my xf86config file results in the X server being unable to boot.
I have 32mb of ram, but whatever the resolution, X won't start with 32bits color mode. Can my card do it ? If so, how ? Or is it just not implemented in the driver ??? Oh well, i don't have a clue about what could be wrong anyway :)

Littleman 01-13-03 07:31 PM

woops :) hehe,
i just found out that 24bits works fine...it's just that i had forgotten about it :rolleyes:
So if i can do 32 bits, fine, if i can't , nevermind :)

Andy Mecham 01-13-03 08:23 PM

There's no such thing as "Depth 32". Depth 24 is what you'd call 32bit depth on a Windows machine.


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