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SilverBlade 01-01-06 08:25 PM

How much will this sell for?
I'm planning on selling my old video card because my new system won't support AGP.

Here's the card:

Leadtek Winfast A250 Geforce 3 (I think). Ti4200. It has VGA/DVI out, Video In, Video Out. 128 MB DDR on it as well.

lamarodom007 01-02-06 03:05 AM

Re: How much will this sell for?
I would say 20-25 should be reasonble.

nV`andrew 01-02-06 12:18 PM

Re: How much will this sell for?
you could probably get 25-30, 35 tops. :(

Fathertime36 01-02-06 07:36 PM

Re: How much will this sell for?
Um it is a GF4600 Ti btw, just to clear it up, top card back in the day, saymaybe $75.....it will run games better in dx8 then most of the nv30 fx5xxx series, I had a 4400Ti and it smoked the fx5600ultra I bought to replace it, a lot of people are still trying to get by on mx4 vga, this card is head and shoulder above the mx4, I would provide these people with a kick ass upgrade running dx8 games, but it was a pre dx9 card so it will have a very hard time trying to run the newer games....I'm stating the obvious I know.

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