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Morrowyn 01-02-06 02:04 PM

X wont load, x weirdness
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Hi all,

I have a weird problem with my nvidia 6600gt agp card on ubuntu.

I have a dual boot system:
windows xp
ubuntu 5.10

When i start my system from a poweroff state. X wont get started. It hangs while loading the nvidia stuff (see xorg.log below)

However when i start the system and boot into windows xp and reboot straight away. X will load and ubuntu runs just fine.

Now my question is, how can this be? And how can i solve this?

I have added my xorg.conf file as well as the xorg.log


netllama 01-02-06 04:17 PM

Re: X wont load, x weirdness
What kind of motherboard are you using and which BIOS version?

Also, please generate and post a bug report.


Morrowyn 01-03-06 12:40 PM

Re: X wont load, x weirdness
Here is my hardware list:

Asus A8V Deluxe (amd s939, agp)
and im using the american megatrends bios version v02.54

Where do i post the bugreport ?


netllama 01-03-06 01:36 PM

Re: X wont load, x weirdness
You can attach the bug report to your post here.

I was asking for the motherboard BIOS version, not the AMI BIOS version.


Morrowyn 01-04-06 04:13 PM

Re: X wont load, x weirdness
here is the info

bios version is: 1011.007
date: 04/07/2005


(sorry attachment was 120K so i couldnt upload it)

Hope this will help


netllama 01-04-06 05:52 PM

Re: X wont load, x weirdness
It doesn't look like the bug report was generated while the problem was present.

BIOS 1017 was released a month ago. Could please try updating to it and see if this problem persists? If so, please generate a bug report while the problem is present.


Morrowyn 01-06-06 03:20 PM

Re: X wont load, x weirdness

Well i cant generate a bug report, because the entire system hangs and i have to force a hard reboot.

However, i upgraded my system with the 1017 version and all problems are gone. X starts all by itself with the help of windows.

Many thanks for your help,

netllama 01-06-06 03:32 PM

Re: X wont load, x weirdness
For future reference, you can generate a bug report before starting X.


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